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Beep Call
Beep Call automatically generates profit for Mobile Operator from failed, non-balance calls attempts it is a short call (beep) with a duration of about 0.2 second, which appears as a standard missed call on the mobile phone of Subscriber B.
The Balance+ platform is a solution, which allows inserting dynamically targeted and interactive USSD advertising messages (USSD tails) in balance check service.
VASUP is an innovative communication channel with a high response rate that allows Mobile Operator to promote successfully any type of VAS products, by displaying to subscribers dynamically targeted and interactive advertising teasers (messages) on phone screens. Response rate on VASUP teasers is about 1.5-3{f2cf9debb0d8ccfd1322f63d5c79b2fbcde4a30ce1908c1007aefec8e1890808} VASUP teasers support any language, look like pop-up messages (small pop-up DSTK menus) accompanied with a tone.
The service SIM-credit allows the subscriber to recharge his balance by activating the conditional payment that will give a possibility to make calls. The credit availability and its amount depends on how long the Subscriber used the company’s services as well as on subscriber’s network expenses.
Mobile Device Management
We Provide tools and technology ti support Telco's, MVNOs and Enterprises to address the challenges prevalent in the market. We help our clients to manage the growing device management challenge, increase data usage, and reduce support costs while managing the customer experience of a highly fragmented ecosystem.
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