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for Enterprises & Mobile Operators
Service allows subscribers to register via USSD portal, search for a partner for a conversation and chat peer-to-peer via SMS with found communication partner.
Funbox is entertainment IVR portal based on daily subscription model. Inside IVR portal there are several services, which subscriber can use, by dialling free of charge IVR portal short code. There are next services inside FunBox portal: Dating, Music Player, Jokes, Horoscope, Tests.
Voice Changer
Service allows subscribers of the mobile operator to call each other with modified in online mode voice.
SMS Notification
This platform allows mobile operator to add dynamically targeted SMS tails to all notification SMS which are sent within mobile operator.
IVR Radio
Subscriber of mobile operator, can call a free of charge IVR number, subscriber to the service on a daily fee basis, and listen around 100 radio stations which are streamed from internet to the IVR short number. Radio stations are separated by categories. There are available local radio stations, and international radio stations. Music, news, etc.
Wrong IVR Advertising
in mobile operator network, there are many unused IVR short codes from 0000-9999 range. Each 1 Million of mobile operator subscribers are doing from 60.000 to 100.000 calls to these unused IVR short codes monthly. This unused voice traffic is a very good promotional channel with huge potential.
IVR/SMS Contest
Contest is one of the top most service running in VAS Industry. Contest, where the user can easily participate by dealing the short code or through SMS and will get a chance to win exciting prizes by answering a very simple questions. Contest formats offer pure entertainment, fun, challenges with exciting prizes to be won. Allows the user to seamlessly switch the channel through which he/she is playing the contest.

Question will be based on different categories and some of them are mentioned below:

1- General Knowledge 2- Entertainment 3- History 4- Sports 5- Islamic

Auto Dialer
Auto Dialer is a solution that provides an efficient way to stay in touch with customers by intelligently and systematically delivering information to them. Auto Dialer – OBD is an electronic device that can automatically dial to communicate between any two points in the telephone and mobile networks. After the call has been established the OBD will announce verbal messages or sends digital data to the called party .